NYC Moving Company Locations

When choosing a moving company to move to your next home in New York City, don’t be surprised if not all movers know the five boroughs like the back of their hand, because the truth is that few do.

With Brooklyn now the borough of choice for many New York residents and real estate prices reaching parity with Manhattan in some neighborhoods, we could be the moving company you are looking for. Whether you are moving to a hipster’s paradise like Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Bridge Park and pricey DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) area, the Fort Greene ‘hood of Spike Lee and “She’s Gotta Have It”, and Barclays Center, home of the NBA Brooklyn Nets, or a quieter, family friendly area like Carroll Gardens or Park Slope, we will get you there with all of your belongings and move you in comfortably and stress free.

Our Expertly Trained Team

Our trained moving staff are expert in navigating the streets of New York and Brooklyn, where traffic can get congested and where unexpected construction detours can stump a driver relying on a GPS in foreign territory. In the majority of circumstances, apartment living is the standard dwelling in New York City, and that holds for Brooklyn as well.

Our trucks can accommodate a variety of moves with capacity from a studio-sized apartment to a two or even three bedroom unit, with some exceptions. They are expert in boxing, cushioning, and wrapping items to safely and efficiently move your belongings without damage. They can also break down and reassemble furniture for efficient transport and will supply our dollies, hand carts and other support apparatus as needed to get heavy items out of your current residence, into our trucks, and arrival at your new destination.

While buildings with elevators are preferable, it is a known fact that many apartment buildings in New York are walk-ups. Our trained staff are experts in bringing furniture and other heavy items up stairs or even through windows if needed.

Moving Services Provided

A short list of our additional services also includes (charges vary):

  • Supplying boxes (specify size)
  • Hourly moving
  • Local and long distance service
  • Supplying bubble wrap and packing tape
  • Furniture breakdown and reassembly

Our website has a checklist for you to complete along with dimensions to be listed by you for us to give you an estimate of costs, timeframe needed, and scheduled date openings. A minimum of three (3) hours is our basic rate. Additional fees will depend upon quantity and size of items to be moved, number of movers required, and additional supplies to be provided if needed.

Areas We Serve

We are a licensed and insured moving company in New York and service the entire Tri-State area. While we are located in Brooklyn and know it well, our clients hail from all over the greater Metropolitan New York area and include:

  • Battery Park
  • Financial District
  • TriBeCa
  • Soho
  • Nolita
  • Chinatown
  • Union Square
  • Greenwich Village
  • Lower East Side
  • Chelsea
  • Kips Bay
  • Murray Hill
  • Times Square
  • Clinton
  • Upper East Side
  • Upper West Side
  • Morningside Heights
  • Harlem

We look forward to hearing from you!

What Furniture You Should Disassemble Before Your Relocation

As you prepare for your big move, one important consideration is how you’re going to fit all your belongings in the moving truck while ensuring everything arrives at your new home safely. Of course, the best way to do this is by hiring a professional Manhattan mover. However, one way to accomplish both of these goals on your own is by disassembling some of your larger furniture before loading it up for moving. While this process might take a little more time on both ends, the results will certainly be worth the time involved. Furniture that has been disassembled is easier to remove from your current house, easier to fit into the moving truck, stays safer during the move, and is easier to move into your new house.

1. Beds

Without some level of disassembly, most beds would be nearly impossible to move successfully. Considering an average-sized queen mattress measures in at 60″ x 80″, a bed frame will be even larger and harder to move. Start by removing the headboard, if your bed has one, then remove all the slats so you can separate the bed rails.

Stack the slats in groups of three or four, then tie them together using rope or twine. These stacks make good space fillers as you finish packing the truck. Wrap the headboard and bed rails in blankets or bubble wrap, then secure the blanket to the headboard or rail using rope. Moving Dallas professionals indicate that the headboard should be one of the first items on the truck, upright against the wall, or placed as a space filler behind an irregularly-shaped piece of furniture. Rails can go flat on the floor under couches or between larger items.

2. Tables

Many, especially modern tables can be fairly easily disassembled to make your move easier. When you consider the weight and size of most tables, this is a welcome feature to take advantage of. Carefully remove the legs of the table, securing the screws in a plastic zip-top bag. Roll the legs in a blanket, placing one leg every one rotation or so. Then, secure the bundle together using rope or twine.

The tabletop should be wrapped securely in a blanket, then tied using rope or twine. Legs are typically small enough to fit inside a more significant piece of furniture, such as a cabinet, that can’t be disassembled. Tabletops should be placed vertically on the side or front of the moving truck.

3. Desks

Given that an average desk has about 14 pounds of clutter, just on the top, it’s not surprising that most desks are quite heavy to try and move. Before you take your desk out, remove all the drawers and set them aside. Then, if you can, disassemble the desk further by removing drawer holders or integrated keyboard trays.

Use a separate box for the items from each drawer, then number the boxes, so the items find their way back into the correct drawer. Wrap each drawer in a blanket, then insert them, thin side first, into spaces between other items that have already been loaded. The drawer holder can be stacked near the top of a stack of regular boxes, and a keyboard tray can be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside the drawer holder.

4. Plan Well

Part of a successful move involves successful planning. Knowing when you can disassemble your various pieces of furniture is an important part of that planning process. Determine those items you don’t use as often and get those taken apart sooner, so you have extra time to do all the last-minute tasks that always seem to be forgotten. With this planning in place, you’ll set yourself up for an easier, less-stressful move that will leave you with more energy to begin settling into your new home.

Trusted NYC Movers We Partner With

Setting up and taking down events is a lot of hard work! There’s often loads of furniture, stage parts, and bulky sound equipment to load in and out in a short period. When we need someone to do the heavy lifting, we turn to New York’s own Imperial Moving & Storage. Based in Manhattan, this NYC moving company licensed, reputable, and reliable. From apartment moves to commercial events, these movers can get the job done!

Imperial Moving & Storage
83 Washington Pl
New York, NY 10011
(212) 879-6683

Best Advice for Planning a New York City Moving Day

You need time to move, especially if the place you’re moving to is New York City. However, it’s extra important that you take the time to thoroughly plan to move to the “city that never sleeps.” Below is our best advice on moving to NYC and what you should do to get organized before your moving day.

One Month Before the Move

Before your New York City move, you should give your roommates and landlord at least a month’s notice. You should also measure the space of your new apartment and create a floor plan of where you want to put the furniture in your new place. Now is also a good time to consult with movers in the area and see who has the best rates. Remember, the earlier you do this, the cheaper it will be!

A month before the move, you should also go through all your clothes and other belongings to see what should be donated and what’s going to your new apartment. You should also change your address and close old accounts that are associated with your old address. It’s also a great time to purchase packing supplies and start packing up your belongings. The earlier you start packing, the less stress you will feel the week of your move.

One Week Before Move

The week of your move, you should finish packing your belongings. Great Guys Moving has great packing guides and they say to set aside a bag of essentials for your move-in day. You should also clean your apartment and do a final walk-through with your landlord. Additionally, you should get a set of keys from your new landlord and purchase renter’s insurance for your new place.

The Day Before the Move

The day before your move can be very exciting and nerve-wracking. The is the day to make all your final preparations. You should empty your refrigerator and cabinets. You should also take out your trash. Do one last sweep of your old apartment to make sure you did not forget anything. Be sure to check in the closets, cupboards, and other often-forgotten places.

You should also pack a bag full of all the essentials you will need for your moving day. This includes clean clothing, pajamas, toothbrush, deodorant, scissors (for unpacking boxes), your ID, laptop, and other valuables. You should also make sure all of your boxes and furniture are prepared and easy to access for the movers. Lastly, you will want to determine how you will get to your apartment if you are hiring movers. Though you can take the subway, a cab is typically your best option. Perhaps the most important thing to do the day before your move is getting a good night’s sleep. You want to be rested for the big day.

Moving is an incredibly stressful time in anyone’s life. It’s important to take the necessary steps to prepare yourself, especially to a busy place like New York City. Hopefully, with the help of our guide, you can better prepare yourself for the moving process and prevent yourself from procrastinating too much.

How to Pack and Box Your Household Items for Long-Term Storage

If you’re planning on moving somewhere that’s the same size as your current place; chances are you’ve got enough space to accommodate all your belongings. If you’re downsizing or just don’t want to move everything, however, then it might be wise to put some of your items in long-term storage.

The considerations for storing something long-term are different than just putting things in a locker for a couple of weeks. You have to consider the types of boxes that you’re putting things in, how you will stack them, and whether or not you’ll ever need to get into those boxes for whatever reason.

Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Pack the Right Way

Nobody likes packing, but the only thing worse than packing once is doing it again a second time because you didn’t do it right the first time, so make sure that your items are secure wherever they’re stored at. Don’t pack heavy items on top and make sure that you keep as much of your items off the ground as you can by putting a blanket or pallet down first. If water gets inside your unit, it’ll not only ruin your stuff but could create mold as well.

2. Opt for the Climate Controlled Unit

If you have the option, always pay a little extra for the climate controlled storage unit when packing your belongings away for the long haul. Otherwise, items can melt or become permanently damaged due to overheating, or they can freeze as the temperature outside drops. The extra price you may pay for the item will be worth it when you can sleep with a little bit extra peace of mind every night.

3. Buy Insurance

Some units come with insurance already attached to it, but just in case, ask about and purchase the additional insurance in the event of a total loss. If the facility that your items are in is destroyed in any way, that policy will become very handy to have. Furthermore, consider prepaying your storage unit to receive a little bit of a discount or set up the payments on autopay. The last thing you want is your stuff being sold due to a credit card failure.

4. Don’t Store More Than You Need

Moving is an excellent time to purge your life of things that don’t need to be there, so before you rent out a 30’x30′ storage locker that will set you back a pretty penny, consider what of your belongings can be donated or thrown away instead. Your storage locker may be huge, but it becomes tiny very fast once you fill it up with stuff; use a size calculator to help you know exactly how much you can fit in.

5. Seal Clothes and Fabrics

If you’re storing clothes, do not simply place them in plastic bags and throw them in a locker. Per Cheap Movers Las Vegas (, 101 N Pecos Rd Suite 113, Las Vegas, NV 89101, (702) 660-4699), plastic not only traps humidity, but it also will trap bugs that may find their way in as well. Your best bet is to vacuum seal all your clothes, curtains, and other fabrics to keep them safe. It will be a little more time-consuming initially, but it’ll be a lifesaver over the long-term life of your items.

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