How to Pack and Box Your Household Items for Long-Term Storage

If you’re planning on moving somewhere that’s the same size as your current place; chances are you’ve got enough space to accommodate all your belongings. If you’re downsizing or just don’t want to move everything, however, then it might be wise to put some of your items in long-term storage.

The considerations for storing something long-term are different than just putting things in a locker for a couple of weeks. You have to consider the types of boxes that you’re putting things in, how you will stack them, and whether or not you’ll ever need to get into those boxes for whatever reason.

Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Pack the Right Way

Nobody likes packing, but the only thing worse than packing once is doing it again a second time because you didn’t do it right the first time, so make sure that your items are secure wherever they’re stored at. Don’t pack heavy items on top and make sure that you keep as much of your items off the ground as you can by putting a blanket or pallet down first. If water gets inside your unit, it’ll not only ruin your stuff but could create mold as well.

2. Opt for the Climate Controlled Unit

If you have the option, always pay a little extra for the climate controlled storage unit when packing your belongings away for the long haul. Otherwise, items can melt or become permanently damaged due to overheating, or they can freeze as the temperature outside drops. The extra price you may pay for the item will be worth it when you can sleep with a little bit extra peace of mind every night.

3. Buy Insurance

Some units come with insurance already attached to it, but just in case, ask about and purchase the additional insurance in the event of a total loss. If the facility that your items are in is destroyed in any way, that policy will become very handy to have. Furthermore, consider prepaying your storage unit to receive a little bit of a discount or set up the payments on autopay. The last thing you want is your stuff being sold due to a credit card failure.

4. Don’t Store More Than You Need

Moving is an excellent time to purge your life of things that don’t need to be there, so before you rent out a 30’x30′ storage locker that will set you back a pretty penny, consider what of your belongings can be donated or thrown away instead. Your storage locker may be huge, but it becomes tiny very fast once you fill it up with stuff; use a size calculator to help you know exactly how much you can fit in.

5. Seal Clothes and Fabrics

If you’re storing clothes, do not simply place them in plastic bags and throw them in a locker. Per Cheap Movers Las Vegas (, 101 N Pecos Rd Suite 113, Las Vegas, NV 89101, (702) 660-4699), plastic not only traps humidity, but it also will trap bugs that may find their way in as well. Your best bet is to vacuum seal all your clothes, curtains, and other fabrics to keep them safe. It will be a little more time-consuming initially, but it’ll be a lifesaver over the long-term life of your items.

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