Best Themes and Props for Your Next NYC Event!

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Let’s face it, most office gatherings or corporate celebrations can err on the side of boring or dull. Instead of planning another work event that’s just like all of the rest, why not add a little excitement and fun to your co-worker’s lives? To those of you who are planning your next office bash (and want to impress your boss!), here are some of the best themes and props to spice up your next corporate event.

Casino Night

Hosting a casino night is a fun way to drum up some healthy competition with your colleagues in the privacy of a corporate event. It’s also an excellent way to loosen everyone up with a little bit of gambling! For this type of event, make sure to rent game tables of casino favorites such as roulette, blackjack, and craps. For catering, try selecting a chocolate fountain, a decadent buffet, and cocktails to perfectly capture the glitzy casino mood.

Masquerade Ball

Masquerades can add an element of mystery to any party, and what better way to network and socialize with your colleagues than to throw a masked ball? Be sure to rent or buy masks to give to attendees when they first arrive and ask co-workers to dress in formal clothes to the event. Because cocktails and finger foods are essential to the socializing aspect of this theme, be sure to rent many tall cocktail tables to stand around as guests nibble, sip, and talk. A string quartet, dim lighting, and gold decorations are also perfect additions to a masquerade.

Add some fun and excitement to your office by throwing a masquerade.
Add some fun and excitement to your office by throwing a masquerade.

Under the Big Top

A circus-themed event is guaranteed to take everyone’s minds off of work for a few hours. With lots of fun entertainment such as tight-rope walkers and jugglers, even an uptight boss is sure to enjoy themselves! Be sure to rent lots of fabric to drape across a venue for the illusion of a circus tent and include red, yellow, white, and blue colors in the decorations. Provide attendees with traditional circus snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones, all of which can be made fresh at an event using a rented snack cart.

Arabian Nights

Bring an exotic atmosphere to your next corporate party with an adventurous Arabian Nights theme! Decorate a venue with lush carpets, bright colors, and glittering fabrics, and make sure that there are plenty of twinkling lights that can be hung from the ceiling. For an authentic experience, rent low tables with a comfortable divan or cushion seating for attendees, and don’t forget to include belly dancers and fancy Arabian teas that can be served at the bar.

Hawaiian Leis are easy to make and are the perfect accessories for a tropical luau.
Hawaiian Leis are easy to make and are the perfect accessories for a tropical luau.

Hawaiian Luau

This is a great theme for parties that are held in the dead of winter, and especially when everyone is dreaming of sun and sand! Be sure to greet attendees with colorful leis and fruity drinks at the door to help set the tropical mood and have them learn fun games such as the hula or the limbo. Add Hawaiian touches to the decor, such as giant paper palm trees, a grass skirt lining the bar, and plenty of bright colored flowers. Choose from seafood, roast pork, and pineapple dishes for the menu.

Sock Hop

Bring back the 50’s with a nostalgic sock hop party! Set the mood with rock and roll music as your guests sip on soda fountain favorites and enjoy classic American dishes such as hamburgers and hot dogs. Rent or buy vinyl records or a jukebox to use as decor, and encourage lots of dancing and singing by providing only cocktail tables for your guests.

Planning Your Next NYC Event

Of course, if you’re planning a corporate event in New York City, we can handle all of the planning for you. Over the years we’ve put on hundreds of themed events – the ones mentioned above just scratch the surface of our experience. As your full-service event planning service, we offer almost anything you could imagine for rent – from casino tables to tents to luau decor. All of our props are kept in our Manhattan storage unit, making it easy for us to show clients what is available. If you are thinking of throwing a themed party, we invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our coordinators to take a look at what’s available in our warehouse. If you choose to rent pieces from us, they will be delivered to your event by our NYC movers. All moving and delivery fees are included in the price of rentals, which are among some of the lowest rates in Manhattan. If you’re ready to plan your next event, please give us a call!

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Pro Tips for Pulling Off a Flawless Event

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While the early stages of event planning can seem fun and exciting, the more complicated and logistical aspects can sometimes lead to a feeling of, “What have I gotten myself into?” Although it might seem too daunting of a task to pull off dinner menus, music selections, and gift baskets, remember that even the most seasoned event planner can get stressed and dismayed when planning a special occasion.

The best way to tackle event planning is to compile a list of priorities at the beginning of your project. To help those of you who are putting on a large dinner or memorable celebration, here are some helpful tips for pulling off your next event.

Plan Around Your Budget

Whether you’re planning a large gathering or an intimate event, you need to define your budget early on. As you start outlining your costs, be sure to go through the day chronologically so that you don’t miss any major categories, such as invitations, venue, cuisine, seating arrangements, etc. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the going rate for various services, including catering or photography, and weigh out your options regarding price. For instance, live bands are a great addition to any party but can cost thousands of dollars. A DJ might be a better alternative if you’d rather cut costs on entertainment to spend on an excellent venue. You can also find free tech solutions to manage your budget or your invitation list, which can help out with budget costs.

Keep Style in Mind

Maintaining a cohesive style is essential for any well-planned event and as you start choosing the location, linens, and decorations, keep the overall mood of the occasion in mind. For example, a lavish evening gala would look silly at an informal venue with daisies in mason jars, and a rustic wedding would look equally out of place at a swanky hotel with sophisticated decor. To avoid this, be sure to work closely with all of the staff that are involved in the planning process to ensure that everyone is working towards the same aesthetic.

Pro Tip: Keep all of your event documents in one folder, file, or book.
Pro Tip: Keep all of your event documents in one folder, file, or book.

Hire Professional Movers

While several venues have staff on-site to make sure the set-up goes smoothly, other venues may require you to bring in your own tables, chairs, furniture, and props. We always recommend hiring a professional moving company if there are items that require heavy lifting. Movers can eliminate a lot of day-of-event stress by handling the logistics of getting everything into place, whether it’s setting up dozens of round tables, transporting sound and stage equipment, or positioning lounge furniture. To find a cheap mover in your area, check out Great Guys Movers.

Delegate the Responsibilities

When it comes to event planning, you can’t be everywhere at once and tackle every issue on your own. Instead, hire people that you trust and let them handle different responsibilities for you. Give your assistants or family members specific jobs to do during an event, such as monitoring a gift table, cueing the band, or even tasting the food to make sure it’s up to par. Try putting together a list or template of everything that you’ll be expected to manage and then dole out smaller tasks one by one.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Finally, prepare for unexpected problems and have a strategy for everything from wedding dress emergencies to speakers getting stuck in traffic. Understand ahead of time that something may go wrong on the day of an event and that it’s best not to panic. The key is to calmly smooth over and fix whatever you can to keep the day moving forward without having an unnecessary meltdown. If you prepare yourself for the worst and keep a clear head, your event will be a success no matter what happens.


Best Places in NYC to Throw Your Next Corporate Bash

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New York City has some of the highest paying jobs in the United States, making it a great place to work and an even better place to throw an upscale office party. From hip clubs to classic restaurants and bars, NYC offers any kind of atmosphere needed for creating a memorable corporate bash. And for those who are planning a celebration for work, here are a few of the hottest venues around the Big Apple.

Midtown Loft and Terrace

If you’re looking for a classy and stylish venue with seating for about 180 people, Midtown Loft and Terrace on 5th Avenue is a great place for your next party. With a spacious events room, beautiful city views, and adjustable mood lighting, Midtown is perfect for refined corporate events.

48 Lounge

48 Lounge is a larger venue that can accommodate 250 people seated or 400 people standing. Located in the heart of midtown NYC on 48th Street, this award-winning venue offers everything from private corporate luncheons to elegant cocktail and dinner receptions, and even includes a delicious catering service. Featuring a 30 ft. illuminated bar with three service stations, it’s also great for a fun night-life party.

Manhattan Penthouse

Another beautiful venue located on 5th Avenue is Manhattan Penthouse. Boasting a sprawling 8,000 square-foot penthouse area, this space can accommodate 250 guests. With exceptional views of NYC, easy access to subways, and a reputation for throwing fine cocktail parties, Manhattan Penthouse is ideal for the elegant and classic office event.

From formal cocktail parties to dancing-all-night, these 5th Avenue locations are perfect for out-of-office fun.
From formal cocktail parties to dancing all night long, these 5th Avenue locations are perfect for out-of-office fun.

Jams by Jonathan Waxman

If you’re planning on throwing a smaller office party, Jams is the perfect intimate location. Located in 1 Hotel Central Park, this restaurant has a modern, industrial vibe with earthy, rustic touches. Jams is also surrounded by the nature of Central Park, bringing the beauty of the great outdoors inside of this bright and airy space. The restaurant serves fresh, locally sourced produce and is a hit for private lunches or dinner parties.

One Manhattan

Located in the Meatpacking District on West 12th, One Manhattan is the perfect spot for hosting a large and luxurious night-life bash. With a premium sound system, available DJs, and a giant dance floor, this venue is sure to be a hit with your fellow coworkers. The venue also features a marble lounge, banquet-style seating, and rich LED lighting that creates an upscale, high-energy atmosphere.

Minus5 Ice Bar

If your guests don’t mind the cold, Minus5 Ice Bar is a fun and adventurous experience that’s guaranteed to liven up any office event. Practically everything in this venue is made of ice, including walls, seats, chandeliers, and even drink glasses! With ice-themed rooms and different ice sculptures, Minus5 is definitely a one-of-a-kind party destination. Located in the New York Hilton Midtown, this winter spot can host up to 60 guests and offers a VIP room for up to 10 people.


11 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

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With visions of beautiful flower arrangements and a romantic venue, every bride dreams of creating a special and memorable wedding day. As weddings are typically large celebrations, planning a meaningful event for friends and family can get lost between long to-do lists and endless errands that need to get done. In order to craft an intimate day complete with personal touches, here are 11 ways that you can personalize your wedding to really made it your own.

1. Bridal Party Gifts

Your bridal party will most likely include some of your favorite people, so why not surprise them personal gifts that they’re sure to love and treasure. Beer glasses engraved with your initials and wedding date make perfect gifts for groomsmen. For bridesmaids, choose personalized shoes, bouquets, jewelry, or wine glasses for thoughtful and fun presents.

2. Guest Favors

It’s customary to send wedding guests home with a little favor to remember your special day by. There many gifts to choose from online that you can have personalized, including bottles of wine that come with custom wine labels, candles that you can pick out and detail yourself on the website, and candies that come with candy bags with your name and wedding date printed on top.

3. Drinks

Whether you’re serving glasses of champagne or bottles of soda, you can personalize all wedding drinks with labels or straws commemorating your special day. You can also create a signature drink from your wedding theme or favorite kind of cocktail to add a special touch to your reception.

Fun drink straws are an easy way to add a little personal touch to a reception.
Fun drink straws are an easy way to add a little personal touch to a reception.

4. Favorite Foods

Rather than serving traditional wedding food, personalize your wedding by serving some of your favorite dishes instead! If you and your spouse both love comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches, consider having a food station where guests can add a variety of interesting ingredients to their own comfort dish.

5. Cake Toppers

The days of the traditional bride and groom cake topper are over, so you no longer have to settle for a topper that looks nothing like you. Several online websites can create custom toppers with perfect replicas of you and your spouse, or you can take a less-traditional approach and choose a monogram or floral arrangement to place on top of your wedding cake.

6. Family Photos

Welcome your family and friends to your wedding reception with a photo display of childhood memories together. Your wedding guests will love seeing the years you’ve spent with your spouse, and showcasing photos from your life will create a personalized touch to your special day.

7. Wedding Themes and Decorations

Take the time to show your personality through your wedding’s theme. Whether it’s through your favorite colors, hobbies, or family heirlooms used as decorations, your theme should reflect the character of both you and your spouse. Guests will love seeing your unique take on the decorations and will feel more connected to you on your special day.

Choose your favorite colors as your wedding theme to personalize your day.
Choose your favorite colors as your wedding theme to personalize your day.

8. Centerpieces

Reception centerpieces are perfect for adding personal touches to your wedding. You can use photos of you and your spouse, flowers in your favorite shades of color, or create interesting centerpieces that directly relate to your shared hobbies or experiences. Take-home centerpieces are also great gifts for guests.

9. Place Settings

Place settings can be personalized for individual weddings guests or couples in mind. Name cards for place settings can include pictures of guests or quotes that your guests have said or like. Unique touches such as small jars of jam or flower seed packets can be placed on top of dinner plates as well.

Fresh flowers make surprising and quirky place settings.
Fresh flowers make surprising and quirky place settings.

10. Ceremony Programs

When thinking about the theme of your wedding, keep your ceremony programs in mind. Choose fonts, colors, and styles that are unique to you and your spouse, and don’t be afraid to experiment with unconventional materials and ideas.

11. Include Your Pet

If your pet is important to you and your spouse, consider including him or her in your wedding! A dog could make a fun ring bearer and could add an unexpected and heart-warming touch to your special day.