How to Find a No-Fee Apartment Building in New York City

When looking for a rental apartment in New York City, you may come across properties advertised as no-fee apartments. This type of apartments exempts you from paying broker’s fee because you are either renting directly from the manager or owner of the property. Typically, the broker’s fee in New York City amounts to 15 percent […]

Safest Neighborhoods in Manhattan for Those Relocating with Kids

When you’re planning a move to a new area, and you have young children, it’s always prudent to research the safest neighborhoods first. If you’re moving to Manhattan, the job is less daunting than it appears: According to, nine of the borough’s 17 neighborhoods have ranked in the lower third of their Crime and […]

Best Themes and Props for Your Next NYC Event!

Let’s face it, most office gatherings or corporate celebrations can err on the side of boring or dull. Instead of planning another work event that’s just like all of the rest, why not add a little excitement and fun to your co-worker’s lives? To those of you who are planning your next office bash (and […]

Pro Tips for Pulling Off a Flawless Event

While the early stages of event planning can seem fun and exciting, the more complicated and logistical aspects can sometimes lead to a feeling of, “What have I gotten myself into?” Although it might seem too daunting of a task to pull off dinner menus, music selections, and gift baskets, remember that even the most […]

Best Places in NYC to Throw Your Next Corporate Bash

New York City has some of the highest paying jobs in the United States, making it a great place to work and an even better place to throw an upscale office party. From hip clubs to classic restaurants and bars, NYC offers any kind of atmosphere needed for creating a memorable corporate bash. And for those […]